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Under the vision of Mr. Shakir Ali Babar (Late), Babar Steel Furniture is operating in Pakistan since 1947, from Karachi to Gilgit covering the entire territory of Pakistan. We believe in giving security solutions which are totally objective. Thus rather than simply promoting sales we become a strategic risk management advisor to build a relationship and focus on our clients’ needs. Our clients are used to of trusting the brand name and expecting objective advice from us. It is on this basis that we have been operating since 64 years. Danger and loss never knocks your door before arriving hence we believe to secure you against unforeseen events. Consequently, strength of security is fundamental. Further we would like to make you believe us by delivering what we promise.
Fire arm Safe
Bio-metric Safe
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Strong room Doors
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All important documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, business contract, house contract and expensive jewelry can be kept in a very good condition. In addition to this, pictures and videos are excellent items to keep in a safe as well. By keeping these things, all your memories are preserved. Floods and fires can also destroy these valuable accessories within minutes, which is why it is a necessity to have a safe at home.

It is a secure lock that prevents your documents, money, and accessories from theft. Babar Steel provides wide range of steel lockers and safes/vaults and customers can select from a wide range of products.
A secure lock is a perfect way to protect your valuables and avoid getting them in to wrong hands

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